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Da Holy Ghost!

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– By Ojo Olalekan

Of a Ghost that’s a toast

At the beginning ‘twas the Power to create

Of all water and its coast

And all life He generates.

Omniscient, present everywhere

Powerful, He’s Power

Into vacuum, He kills fear

And grace He builds like a tower.

Trinity’s Third, He’s God

So re-assuring His Love

Over my life, He’s Lord

The source of all my stuff.

On 120 men, You divided at once

Stamping them with boldness and power

Pow’r to heal and preach God’s stance

And evil to make fewer.

Now, in and more You reside

Unimaginable good works to perform

Guiding us to always abide

Till in the image of Jesus’ we’re conformed.

In direct’g, He is King

When He we acknowledge

Communicates more than a BB ping

Our concerns, He destroys with His sledge.

Many times I grief thee

When my flesh I obey

Gently but passionately, You convict me

Until on my knees, I begin to pray.

Strengthen me to remain pure

Despite this terrestrial corruption

Your love in my heart makes sure

And yonder ‘ere, my appreciation becomes your satisfaction.


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