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Finding Purchase

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Standing in line at the local Wal-Mart, crowds gathered in long lines, pushing carts forward.

Reaching out with the last of their patience, parents called out to children, reminding them time and time again to pay attention, to follow them, stay within view.

With baskets heaping, each slowly worked their way up, swapping stories or commiserating with their neighbors. Others, choosing to forgo wobbly wheeled carts, carried their light wares, or groaning under cumbersome weights, tried to reposition heavy burdens in their arms, standing silent as they waited.

Kids, being kids-poked and teased siblings, reached out for temptations within their grasp…hopped around on one foot…draped themselves over slightly sticky with candy metal baskets. Infants, wrapped in soft layers of blanket nests, slept peacefully, sung and secured in carriers hooked to carts.

A Greeter, who stood right inside the doorway’s entrance, did what he did best: greet each person. Personally. With class and style, he acknowledged all. No one sneaked by without a comment, a smile, a word.

Crowded…oh yes. The noise of life being spent within the walls of opportunity hummed loud as voices merged with machine and slowly faded out the door-to be replaced by more. And I couldn’t help but wonder: how come our churches aren’t like that?

Submitted by Richard

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