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Foot and Fingerprints in the Sand

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I often go beachcombing
Love sifting through the sand
Praying to my Precious Lord
For our nation and the land

The poem about “Footprints
Stays on my mind for hours
So well known and written
By Margaret Fishback Powers

It talks about a special dream
Looking back on life with the Lord
First two, then one set of “Footprints”
Thanking Him for faith restored

Now while walking on this beach
I looked back on my own life
Was comforted by two sets of prints
He was there during times of strife

But now I’m feeling sad and weary
Walking with Him I sometime dreaded
Next to the set of “Footprints” in the sand
Something else seems embedded

I bow down to get a better look
In the sand there are more signs
What could the message be
Of these strange ten long lines

Remembered when I was so low
He said “follow, honor and obey”
Often tugging and pulling me
Keeping me from going astray

Next to the “Footprints” of the Lord
Are fingerprints pulled in the sand
My stubborn ways He still loves me
He drug me when I wouldn’t stand

God helped me give up the walls
Each burden lay at His feet
One by one I let go my grip
My life with Him now complete

I wondered why He loves me so
When He lifted me I saw the brand
There was my name
Written on His hand
©2011 Ginger Sizemore

Used with Permission

Isaiah 49: 16 I have engraved you on the palms of my hands. Your walls are always in my presence.

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Rating: +2 (from 4 votes)
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