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Could You?

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by Rhonda Hamill, used with permission

Could you love someone with all of your heart?

Would you love them despite all of their flaws?

  Could you love that someone no matter what they did?

  To you?

  Or others?

Would you do everything you could to fix their problems and take away  their hurts?

If they hurt you deeply, could you still love them and want them to be a  part of your life?

  What if they treated you like you didn’t exist? Except when they needed   something from you.

  What if they totally ignored you? Except to blame you for the bad day they   were having.

  What if they made fun of you in front of all of their friends?

  What if everytime you tried to talk to them and help them- they turned   their back on you and walked away?

  What if they did everything that you dissapproved of, knowing that you   didn’t approve of it?

  Could you still love someone like that?

  Would you risk your life for someone like that?

  Would you die a painful death for someone who’s love is not returned?             

   JESUS did…….



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Rating: +8 (from 10 votes)
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