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Have a Little Faith?

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Back a few years ago we had three cars, a company car, my wife’s car and a truck. I had a job where the company gave me a car every three years, to use for work. I had purchased a truck for my own personal use. It came in handy because I used to cut down trees and burn them in our wood stove. Well one day I hurt myself lifting a large piece, I had cut, into the back of the truck. That ended my tree cutting days. From that point on the truck just sat in our driveway. My wife decided that we didn’t need to pay extra for a truck that we weren’t using. So we put an add in the paper and it ran its course with no one calling. Winter was setting in and my wife figured that it would sit in our driveway until the end of winter. Then maybe in the summer we’d try to sell it again. Now mind you, the truck was almost new.

My wife became concerned that we’d never get rid of it. I told her that she was putting to much faith in herself and not letting God work. She looked at me, with this funny look and said, “Why would God concern HIMSELF about our truck?”

I told her that we were Gods’ children and that HE sees our every need and HE will provide, she just had to have a little faith.

The next day a snow storm hit. Her car had front wheel drive and she was getting ready to go to work. I had gotten up and made coffee for her and was watching the TV news about how bad the storm was going to be.

As Bobbie got ready for work she asked me to make a for sale sign for the truck and she would stick it in the window of the truck. I did and when she was ready to leave she placed it in the window.

When she got into her car it wouldn’t start. Her good old reliable car was dead. No lights.. Nothing.

I told her that the truck was full of gas and to take it. She didn’t want to but then again she had to get to work.

As she left I told her that her normal route was going to be a nightmare. I suggested an alternate route.

She started driving to work and the traffic backed-up. While sitting in traffic the man behind her started flashing his lights. She didn’t know what he wanted. But then again she thought something might be wrong with the truck. She pulled over and the man pulled in behind her. He got out of his car and asked her why she was selling the truck. She told him we didn’t need it anymore and just wanted to sell it. I had forgotten to put a phone number on the sign. He asked her for a phone number and said he’d call about it that night. True to his word he called. I talked to him and he told me his story about his recent accident, in his truck and how the insurance company told him if he found one of equal value they’d give him the money to buy it. He said his truck looked just like ours and he wanted it. We gave him the price we were asking and he said he’d call back tomorrow and have a check ready.

After the phone call I looked at Bobbie and said, “This is God working.” She said, “Ya, right. Why would God bother HIMSELF with something like this?”

Then I told her something that made her think. I told her that after she left for work I went out to her car to see if there was anything I could do before leaving for work. I thought I’d try to start it and if needed get the battery charger out and hook it up. I figured that it could charge all day while we were at work. When I got in and turned the key it started with no problem. That’s God for you, always doing things for us without asking. What better a Father could we ask for.

Bobbie still had a little problem believing. She said the insurance company would have a problem with it and it wouldn’t sell. I just smiled at her and said, ”Ya of little faith.”

The next morning at around 9 o’clock the man called. He said he had a check for the full amount we asked for. If we didn’t mind could we drive it over to his apartment and drop it off. Bobbie was worry that the check might be bad. I told him that wouldn’t be a problem. I added my wife’s concerns and he said he’d drive to the bank and have cash when we got there.

As he promised, he was there with cash in hand. I signed over the papers and thanked him and we drove off. I smiled all the way home knowing that God had done this to show Bobbie something about faith. No, we didn’t need the money. No, it was a lesson in letting go and letting God. I looked over at Bobbie and said, “God is Good.” She replied, “All the Time.”

So, next time you’re having doubts. Stop trying to control things and let God work. What He’s done for me, HE’LL do for you..

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Telling of HIS Amazing Grace

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