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The Gift of Marriage

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I remember when I was little,
the good times we all had…
The best laughter in the whole wide world,
came from Mom and Dad…

And I recall those hard times too
for trials will come to us all…
The rainbow we do not perceive,
until the rain first falls…

Thank you for loving each other
and for every single tear…
For all those times you gave without ceasing
and the times you loved without fear…

For richer or for poorer,
you gave those tears to me…
In each and every trial you had,
I learned from that you see…

God has blessed you with such a beautiful gift
it’s so hard to find words to say…
Thank you for loving each other so much,
and for giving me today…


by Sandy G. Quispe
Used with Permission

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Rating: +4 (from 4 votes)
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