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Heaven Sent Me An Angel

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There she is, I see her now.
Go to her—But when and how?
She is ready, alone she waits…..
“Please don’t let it be too late.”

“Excuse me miss, How do you do?”
I’m sorry sir, I don’t know you,
“I’ve come to give you all my love,
I am your angel from above.”

I know your pain, I feel it too.
That’s why I’m here— to save you.
Please don’t laugh, it’s not a joke.
God heard you every time you spoke..

If you’re an angel, why no wings?
“I traded them for the love I bring.”
My precious one, you can’t yet see…..
I don’t need wings, have faith in me.

Don’t be afraid of what you feel.
Look at me, for I am real.
Be careful what you wish—some say,
Sent from Heaven, I’m here to stay.

In your eyes I see disbelief..
Come with me, I’ll show you peace.
“I don’t understand, how can it be,
that an angel brings his love to me?”

Take my hand and walk with me.
I’ll show you now how it can be.
But when you wake you must forget,
I am the angel Heaven sent.

You’ll see a man without his wings,
You’ll feel my love and many things.
And yet somehow you’ll always sense,
an angel in your presence.

This story does not have an end,
but this is how our love began.
I can’t explain, but it did seem….
I found an angel missing wings.

So happy now and I realize,
God sent an angel in disguise.
He made me want to live again,
it was an angel he did send.

I feel so loved, it’s like a dream.
At night, I hear the angels sing.
And when I lay me down to sleep,
I know that love has brought me peace.

I look at him and I could swear,
I see an angel standing there”.
“I look at her and what I see,
Is all the love come back to me.”

I know he said I would forget,
I owe my life to the day we met.
And I thank God for I do know,
I have an angel to behold…….

“The only thing that I regret…..
We lost the time before we met.”
But good things come to those  who wait,
And what we have is by God’s fate.

I use to hope and pray and wish,
that I would find a love like this.
From where he comes, I do not know….
But God sent me a miracle.

All those years I could not see,
I did not know God’s plan for me.
Then just before I closed my eyes,
he sent an angel from the sky.

Excuse me miss, How do you do?
I said that when I first met you.
“And I recall one other thing….”
I asked you why you had no wings.

I smiled at her and then I said,
“No honey, that’s just in your head.
She looked at me and said— okay…
But—Heaven sent me an angel that day.

I kissed a whisper in her ear,
My love, there is an angel here…..
He loves you more than anything,
I am your angel without wings………………………

Created by Jacqueline D. Brown

Used with Permission

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Rating: +40 (from 40 votes)
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