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Once You Praise Jesus You Are Never The Same

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When I was a child and no one cared
It was you Jesus my worries I shared.
I didn’t know you by any certain name
I just know that when I cried it was you who came.

At the age of three I was left in a crib alone for two days
I was forgotten about because my half sister had came.
But you were there tenderly soothing my cries
and because of you Jesus I did not die.

Jesus you have always been here for me now I know
I want to Thank You with praise my way to show.
What wonders you do work in the dark
when no one believes in you I know better for I carry your mark.

The mark of love for a child you had great plans for
that is why all the beatings and misuse I managed to endure.
It was to prepare me for the life that was coming my way
to help others survive when I should have died my soul you saved.

This is to say to the hurting lonley people out here
hang on to Jesus and cherish him so dear.
He will guide you where you are meant to go
Please believe he guides and cradles your soul.

What was difficult will become changed
things will simplify,life will feel sane.
Walk with your head up praising his name
This I promise you,your life will never be the same.

Debbie Wagoner 9/7/11

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Rating: +2 (from 4 votes)
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