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Her Love

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The morning dew covers the earth as His love covers you
Through the summer breeze in that golden field He whispers through
He is your eyes when the fog grows thick and covers the light
He is that dream that speaks to you and wakes you in the night
Though the waves will crash, they soon will recede
He is there filling your heart, every breath, every need
The true love you wait for is there in His grace
I can see you love Him, it’s in your smile, it’s on your face
Through every passing second and each fallen rain drop He is there
He is the wind that’s unseen, the wind that brushes through your hair
Every leaf on every tree rustles out the sound of His name
The ocean’s tides come and go, but His love will remain the same
The sun will set and the stars will shine, a picture in the night sky
I seek His love, for His glory I praise, for His mercy I cry

For Corey
By J. L. Scott
Jan 8, 2000
Used with Permission

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