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In my youth, I had faith in God, but I never truly understood what that faith meant until this last year.  To say that my faith in the Lord was tested would be an understatement.

Two years ago, I had a husband, a house in the suburbs and a beautiful daughter, Nicole. My mother lived with us, and from the outside, our lives were perfect. One year later, my mother would be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, my daughter with leukemia, and our house taken from us by the bank.

It’s amazing that I come to you today to tell you that I am happier now than ever before.

It seems that it happened all in one single day, but it took place over the course of several months. During the midst of my mother’s chemotherapy, we took Nicole in to the doctor for her annual checkup. Her white blood cell count was through the roof. I was speechless. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to us. I didn’t want to believe. After three months of medical bills, there was no way that we had enough for the mortgage. We worked a deal with the bank to take our home and relieve us of future payments.

It is at that time that I started asking for prayers. I posted prayer requests, I asked friends for their thoughts and prayers, and I asked God to forgive me for any sins that I may have committed to cause all this suffering

Last summer, God took my dear mother, but He cured Nicole. The love between my husband and I has never been stronger, and my faith in God, and in Christianity could not be more firm. We live in a small apartment now, but you would never imagine how cozy it is. I pray everyday to God for showing me that hardship can truly bring miracles if you maintain your faith. Thanks again, Pastor, for your guidance and for the prayers of the community.


From a letter to the Christian Prayer Center.  Names changed for privacy.

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3 comments to Praise for Answered Prayers

  • I’m glad god is with you hold strong to his word and remember that this world was created by gods word his word has such power
    It can do such amazing things and it is the only thing that is true in this world along with the promise of salvation. I am happy
    That you are well and have faith I lost both my parents when I slid away from god and much as it saddened me it brought me back to
    Him where I belong and that in itself has brought me so much happiness. Its so easy in this world to be spiritually dead
    Its when god opens our eyes and when we see what’s around us that we begin to understand what we have been delivered from.

    God bless you !

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  • Deacon

    “It is about the greatness of God, not the significance of man. God made man small and the universe big to say something about himself.”
    — John Piper

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  • joanna

    god is truly a good god and sometimes we take his love and power for granted. you have truly been blessed my sister by the hands of god. my only prayer is that know matter what happens in our life that we place god first because he does nothing without something. remember that the devil is a liar and a thief, but our scriptures tells us that “WHO GOD BLESS, NO MAN CURSE” THANK YOU FOR YOUR TESTIMONY.

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