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Purity I will not be for I lack it’s subtlety

From this day until that night,
I pray that I might not.

I will wait for thee,
till’ the day of bended knee.

Your face I have not seen,
but thou heart already belongeth to me.

I no longer wish to be free,
but to be with thee until eternity.

To clasp thy face in my warm embrace.

How I long for thy kiss to envelope me-
to whisk me away,
far away from the cries of yester days.

I see him in my dreams.
A heart as pure as can be,
A broken frame- set apart from the commom mold.
His God and his faith are his stronghold.
A man after my own heart,
for that I am told.

One day God shall bring him to me,
And for that day I will patiently wait.

For He sees what I do not,
And He knows what I do not.

For God is my Healer,
My Protector,
and my Supplier.

The Creator and my Matchmaker.

by Heather Griffin

Used with Permission

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