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Doing God’s Job

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by Jewell Gentry
Used with Permission

What’s this world coming to
We hear somebody say
Those words are getting famous
We hear them everyday

But if you’ll just take a moment
To look around, you’ll see
It’s not the world that’s changing
It’s folks like you and me

There’s people in the white house
That wants to change this land
But ONLY if it fits their needs
And not their fellowman

But of all the things through this world
That saddens me most to hear
Is all the big new clinics
That’s spread both far and near

Where they can take a little life
Before it’s ever born
No looking back,no second thought
No one to ever mourn

Another precious life is gone
It never had the chance
To look upon its mother’s face
She had no backward glance

So many churches of today
Their doors flung open wide
But look around and you will see
That GOD is left outside

Some have gotten so corrupt
That Angels fear to trod
And it’s all because we think that we
Can do the job for God

The moral of this story
Has a meaning sad but true
And we’re all guilty of these things
Including ME and YOU

It’s people that messed up this world
And it started way back when
We thought that we was smart enough
To do God’s job for Him

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Rating: +13 (from 17 votes)
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