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Following His Commands

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READ: Psalm 119:49-64

Psalm 119:60 (NKJV) “I made haste, and did not delay to keep Your commandments.”

Though it is the beginning of another academic semester here at college, it is also the time when many students will decide whether or not they will give their schoolwork attention or if they will merely slide by with a passing grade. And the buzz word that describes this phenomenon is known as procrastination. In these times, we students usually try to laugh off our put-offs, whether it is a research paper, a reading assignment, asking someone for a date, cleaning up our room, or washing our clothes. Whatever the case, procrastination can seep deep within if we don’t set out from the get-go with an attitude of completion and diligence.

It’s a problem that not only hinders many students, but it can also slow down our spiritual growth. It even leads some to simply drop out of involvement with a church or a ministry altogether. So, to determine where you stand in doing the Lord’s work, answer the following questions:

How much time and service do you give to a local church or local ministry? Do you just go and serve because it is a part of your routine, or do you seek the Lord as to what specifically He would have you do during that time?

Are there ways you could be helping out in your neighborhood? Your workplace? Your school?

When serving the Lord, be realistic and honest, but don’t delay in your service. Not only do the rewards of doing what you know He wants you to do far outweigh any temporary fears or discomfort you may feel, but the joy that comes from obedience to God is a limited-time chance.

Faith Lesson: The true servant of Christ is willing to listen and obey even when they don’t truly feel like it.

In Christ,
Darin Smith
Submitted by Richard

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