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If Jesus came to your House

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If Jesus came to your house
To spend some time with you,
If He came unexpected,
I wonder what you’d do.

Oh, I know you’d give your nicest room
To such an honored guest
And all the food you’d give to Him
Would be the very best.

And you would keep assuring Him
You’re glad to have Him there–
That serving Him in your home
Is joy beyond compare.

But when you saw Him coming,
Would you meet Him at the door
With arms outstretched in welcome
To your heavenly visitor?

Or would you have to change your clothes
Before you let Him in
Or hide some magazines
And put the Bible where they’d been

Would you hide your worldly music
and put some hymn books out?
Could you let Jesus walk right
in, or would you rush about?

And I wonder – if the Saviour
spent a day or two with you,
Would you go right on doing, the
things you always do?

Would you go right on saying, the
things you always say?
Or would life for you continue
as it does from day to day?

Would you take Jesus with you
everywhere you go?
Or would you maybe change your
plans for just a day or so?

Would you be glad to have Him
meet your closest friends?
Or would you hope they stay away,
until His visit ends?

Would you be glad to have Him
stay forever on and on?
Or would you sigh with great
relief when He at last was gone?

It might be interesting to know,
the things that you would do,
If Jesus came in person, to spend
some time with you.

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Rating: +337 (from 371 votes)
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4 comments to If Jesus came to your House

  • Marian Evans

    I was so glad to find this poem. It brought back fond memories of my old church in Flint, Michigan. My brother and I use to say this poem together everywhere my Evangelist father took us. Its timeless. Now I will teach it to my grand-children.

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  • marilyn stern

    just beautiful

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  • Harshini

    Simply AWESOME! I love this poem

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  • Ronald Brain

    Praise the Lord. He is always welcome in my house, because he is my Saviour and Redeemer. Someday, those you have trusted him will go to HIS house. I have a glorious future. Thrust him and join me in that great reunioun in the sky.

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