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Real Mom

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I know you need to find this part of you to belong…
For so long I tried to stop you I know I was wrong..
You need this part of you to feel complete…
I know it has nothing to do with the love you have for me…
I guess I am just nervous and also very scared…
I know the love we have nothing can compare…
So I will let you go and do all you ask of me…
For I know that in doing this you can be all you need to be…
Before you go let me give you something to take with you…
You’ll need it when you get there it will help you through…
Remember this my child that your birth mom gave you birth this is true….
I am the one who gave you love sweetheart like only a real mom can do

by Twila Terrell
Used with Permission

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3 comments to Real Mom

  • tonka2shoes0405

    I can certainly feel your heart strings being pulled tight. I too
    have a son that is adopted. He has and continues to be our delight,
    handed to us directly from the hand of God. He was contacted by his
    birth family when he was about 20 years old. I was scared, fearing
    the worst, but knew this was something he needed and encouraged him
    to meet them.

    He came home from the first time meeting and with tears said, “Mom,
    if I didn’t completely understand how truly blessed I was before to
    have you and dad, I KNOW how lucky I am now more than ever.”

    Trust in what you have given your child and most of all what God has
    given you.

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  • Lewis

    Thanks for reaching out and touching my life today!

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  • Myra

    Dear Twila– I also am a real MOM to my birth child- even throughout
    the 33 years of our separation. Know that my poem follows- know also
    that we reunited and what a blessing to both families and the involved

    Lord, Please take this child of mine

    Teach him faith, give love divine

    Don’t let the sins of life take hand,

    Teach him to hear His Lord’s command.

    Grant him patience, love and hope

    With earthly trials help him cope

    And if we leave this earth unknown-

    Take our souls to grace thy throne.

    I gave him life, that’s very true

    I signed my name so you could guide him through.

    This child is rich in love, you know

    For many families treasure him so.

    Know we birth mom’s offer you deepest thanks

    Know also that this child remains tucked beneath my heart forever-even
    as he lives in yours!

    I was blessed to meet my son’s adopted mother a few months before she

    She thanked me for bringing her son into her life- and I thanked her for
    returning him into my arms. Myra

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