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Swaying Trees and M&Ms

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Falling Tears
My heart beats a song
in your mountain, God
just sitting alone.
what’s Your message?
what’s Your call?
why do You ask of me to give You my all?
On my own, i gaze upon the stars
and envision your face with bruises
and scars…
Blood, deep scarlet
flowing, falling freely
for the wretched soul that’s me
And so i whisper a love song
as the first rays color the sky
To You,
i lift up my head
and part my lips in prayer
once again,
i’ll lay it all down
Lover of my soul…
here is my heart
hear is my soul
here is my will…
My life is not my own
but Yours
forever more.

Donna Cadungog
Used with Permission

VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)
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