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Sacred Love

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A love so sacred and divine.
A love that I can now call mine.
A love so beautiful, real and true.
A love like you Lord, a love that is you.
A love that nurtures, heals and cares.
A love that speaks to me in tenderness and brings me to tears.
A love that is free for all to cherish,
and given by one so that none should perish.
A love that strengthens me, as it draws me towards you.
I witness your miracle and am cleansed anew.
A love so kind as it fills my mind.
I see your light and am no longer blind.
A love for all time,
a love that is mine.
What a pleasure it is Lord, to love only you.

by David Cowan

Used with Permission

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Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
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