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It did not kill Me

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True Story
by Chen Guangmei, China

I did not hear it coming. Suddenly a large goods vehicle hit me. Now as I fell to the ground the wheels of the 8-tonne truck went right over my body. One wheel after the other went over me as I lay there. But to my surprise, I felt no pain!

You see, going home that night it was very dark. So the driver of that truck did not see me before his vehicle hit me. Now as I lay there, I wondered if I could move my body. To my surprise, I found I could move my legs. Then I found I could move my whole body. So slowly I began to move my body from under the truck.

Now as I did this, the driver of the truck appeared. He found it difficult to believe what his eyes saw, when he saw me still alive. Then as I began to stand on my two feet, his mouth dropped open in complete surprise.

I said to him, “I am not hurt!” But he pointed to the marks of the truck wheels on my shirt. Yes, he could see the truck wheel marks on my shirt. The marks ran from my lower back to my shoulder there on my shirt.

Now when we reached home, my friends thought they must find I had suffered in some way. But they found I had suffered no harm. As people began to hear what happened, they came from far and near to see if it was true. Whenever they did this I showed them the wheel marks on my shirt. I then told them why I was not killed. I told them, “God wants to continue to use my life.”

So I hung my shirt outside my house for everyone to see what God can do for us. I told everyone, “You can also prove what the power of God can do for you.”

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