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Inspirational Quotes on Friendship – Dale Carnegie

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You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.

Dale Carnegie

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Inspirational Quotes on Friendship - Dale Carnegie, 0% based on 6 ratings

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  • debra wardlaw

    i believe the Lord puts us in certain places at certain times, we may go down a long winding road to get to an intersection to someone we’re suppose to meet. Such a thing happened to me. My health bad, leaving a bad marriage, I had bought land to put my mobile home on. There was a problem with this property and I was offered another piece of property I had been looking at previously, so I agreed to take this, not knowing how my life would be affected. Shortly after moving in, I was placed on hospice given 6 months to live. Life seemed like it was over. I had met my neighbors and they started asking me to church. I was really ill for quite awile, but the Lord lifted me up enough to attend a meeting and I had healing prayer over me (I had never been to a spirit-filled, believing in healing , and miracle based church before). 21/2 years later, I’m still here ,off hospice, and praising the Lord. The neighbor and I are close friends; we found we both love to quilt so we make baby quilts for the newest ones expected in our church. LIfe is much better. I thank God for the caring friend that invited me to church because I KNOW, if I hadn’t bought this particular property, to meet this particular person, had that particular healing help, I wouldn’t be here. And, Linda and I (she’s 67 & I’m 48) have a world apart life experience are neighbors …friends. Thank you God for my FRIEND!!!

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