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Peace In Life’s Storms

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Some days we look around us
and all we can do is sigh
It’s hard to find a glimpse of hope
peeking out from questions of why

We see friends whose hearts are aching..
People are hurting everywhere
Many asking”Where is God-
Is it possible He doesn’t care?”

Yet it’s those same enquiring minds
Who claim He isn’t real…..
If they don’t believe that He exists,
How can they expect Him to feel?

If only these people realised
They’re wrong on two accounts-
Christ is real, and He DOES care
He loves them despite their doubts

Over time I’ve come to realise
That although we now don’t understand
We don’t have to question when things go wrong
It’s somehow all part of God’s plan

If you learn to trust our Saviour
Without expecting it all to be clear
He will give you peace until that day
When He’ll take you to the place of no tears

– Alison. J. Prior
– Used with Permission

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Rating: +3 (from 5 votes)
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