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We Shall Not Be Defeated

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We shall not be defeated. This is the reason why.
We serve a God, who is all powerful; our mutual friend is standing by.

He knows all about us. Jesus is his name.
Although we often fail Him, His mercy remains the same.

He knows all about our lives, from the beginning to the end.
However, He forgives us daily, removing all of our sins.

The devil tries to harm us, continually causing us to fall down.
Nevertheless, Jesus is always right there, picking us up off of the ground.

The enemy tries to rob us of the peace that our God gives.
Even so, we will trust in the Lord, for in Him, we truly live.

As we call on our sweet Jesus, and tears began to flow.
He reminds us That He forgave our sins, a long, long time ago.

We shall not be defeated, for we keep our eyes upon His face,
We know we are victorious, because of His mercy and grace.

Karen Showell

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