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Blessings in Disguise

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God sends His little angels
in many forms and guises.
They come as lovely miracles
that God alone devises,
For He does nothing without purpose –
everything’s a perfect plan
To fulfil in bounteous measure
all He ever promised and…
Every little angel
with a body bent and broken
Or a little mind unknowing
or little words unspoken
Is just God’s way of trying
to reach out and touch the hands
Of all who do not know Him
and cannot understand
That often through an angel
whose wings will never fly
The Lord is pointing out
the way to His eternal sky,
Where there will be no handicaps
of body, soul, or mind,
And where all limitations
will be dropped and left behind…
So accept these little angels
as gifts from God above,
And thank Him for this lesson
in faith and hope and love.

Contributed by Cathy Pinto

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Rating: +10 (from 12 votes)
Blessings in Disguise, 83% based on 12 ratings

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