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if u feel down

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Sara Hayes
Used with Permission

if you feel down
and all alone
if your world is all but gone

just look up to
the sky above
and know you have a friend

if you feel down
and feel betrayed
and your friends have left you cold

just pray to God
for the strength
to help you carry on

if you feel down
and your life's a mess
and your family left you hurt

just praise the Lord
for all you've got
and it'll all begin to work.

if you feel down
and feel real sad
about something that you did

just worship God
with all your heart
and remember that he forgives!
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1 comment to if u feel down

  • As Christians, there will be times that we would really feel being down. In times like this, there is our God that we need to lean on because He can let us endure all the sufferings that we are experiencing in life. Sufferings that God is letting us experience in life in order for us to be strong enough and for us to see how much we trust God in our lives. If we feel down, let us turn to God and He can help us to lift our spirits again.

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