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Stillness of the Night

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In the stillness of the night
As I lay in bed and try to sleep
I remember how I blew the fight
And all Your commands I didn’t keep

I tried, O God, I tried
To strengthen my soul against the dark
I felt so confident that I would abide…
But when temptation came, I had missed Your mark

But then as I slept that night
You came to me in a dream
You said to me, “Try as you may, try as you might,
You will fail, despite what it may seem,

It is not your job to see you through,
It is not your job to feel strong
I just want one thing for you to do:
Give Me what you tried to do all along”

So that morning as I awoke
And I knew my sleep was worth its while
For as I remembered the words that You spoke
I gave to You my temptions and my trials

I finally admited I was too weak
To face the day without making a mistake
So to You I lay my life so meek
And I asked You that me You would not forsake

Day by day you guide me on
And my strength I get from You alone
All my battles have been won
For in Your strength I have been sewn

by Geoff Lemke
Used with Permission

VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
Rating: +8 (from 10 votes)
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