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The Tiger, the Man and God

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A man was being chased by a tiger. He ran as hard as he could until he was at the edge of a cliff with the tiger in hot pursuit. The man looked over the edge of the cliff and saw a branch growing out of the side of the cliff a few feet down. He jumped down and grabbed the branch just as the tiger reached the cliff. The tiger growled viciously as the man sighed a great sigh of relief.

Just then a mouse came out from a crevice and began to chew on the branch. The man looked down to what was a drop of a thousand feet and sure death and looked to the heavens and yelled out, “Dear God, if you are there, please help. I will do anything you ask but please help.”

Suddenly a voice came booming down from heaven, “You will do anything I ask?” it questioned.

The man shocked to hear a reply to his plea yelled back, “I will gladly do anything you ask, but please save me.”

The voice from heaven then replied, “There is one way to save you but it will take courage and faith.”

The branch began to weaken from the mouse and the tiger was still growling a few feet above the man, “Please, Lord, tell me what I must do and I will do it. Your will is my will.”

The voice from heaven then said, “All right then, let go of the branch.”

The man looked down to a fall of a thousand feet and certain death. He looked up at the hungry tiger a few feet away and he looked at the mouse still chewing on the branch. Then he looked up at the heavens and yelled, “Is there anyone else up there?”

– Anonymous

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4 comments to The Tiger, the Man and God

  • The story pictures more of our lives, why? Because we always ask God if what is the best thing that we can do and when He give the answers what we always do is we still seek for other, it simply means that we say that we do believe in God but the truth is we do not.
    That is our main problem, we DO NOT trust in God fully. Faith is what we need in this life, let us pray that God help us to put our main trust to Him, only to HIM.

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    • P J C

      Totally right! We are so consumed by our own beliefs that “somehow, God needs OUR help!” Yeah right!
      He tells us over and over again to stop relying on ourselves, to put things in His hands (all things) and LEAVE THEM THERE! But once again we keep taking things out of His hands and back into our own lives because “we in our human arrogance” believe we still know best.

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  • Pastor Knight

    Proverbs 3:5-6 (KJV)
    5 Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
    6 In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.
    Faith is a process. We must grow in faith with the Word of God. God’s Word must teach us by testing as we learn we truly can trust God in and for all things.

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  • Thomas Chungath

    It is what exactly I am doing. Whenever God asked me to let go of the branch, I used to hesitate. Afterwards I realize that God is always right and I am wrong. May God let me do His will next time.

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