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The Establishment Principle

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Many people I know seem to believe that they have been singled out by the universe to suffer misfortune.  Some of them have problems with authority; some have issues with substance abuse.   All of them could benefit by a philosophy I have often preached.  Some of them have even turned their lives around and come to agree with me.

I am referring to “The Establishment Principle.”

People who don’t live by this principle have all kinds of problems. More than once, I’ve had desperate relatives come to me with requests for money to get their electricity re-connected.  They seem to see no connection between the electricity problem and their lifestyle.

I remember one particular instance when a nephew was using meth. He had to have some cash for another reason. He owed drug money and was sure he was going to get killed over the debt.   This might have been justified fear or drug-induced paranoia.  I still don’t know which it was, but I remember how he begged me for money to save his hide.

His mother had already given all she had and bought into the danger hook, line and sinker. She had literally impoverished herself rescuing him from his self-induced disasters.  My reaction was to offer him work to earn the needed money and some advice—the same advice I always give to people who are trying to live some kind of alternative lifestyle or another.  I told him to “Join up!”

I told him to look around him and see which people were the happiest, who had the big television set in the living room, a dependable car in the driveway and no worries about buying groceries or paying the electric bill.  There are plenty of people around us that have that kind of comfortable life while earning far less than people outside the establishment would believe—because they use the money as opposed to wasting the money.

These are the people who go to work on work days, go to church on Sundays and keep their houses and yards clean.  They don’t pay traffic tickets or lawyers because they don’t run red lights, speed, or break other laws.  They save for a rainy day and if it rains too long, their church family is likely to help with their legitimate needs.

These people seem boring to young people living on the edge—young people who are drinking, drugging, wearing their pants too low, tattooing their bodies and spiking their hair—but they have the great reward of certainty in their lives.

You don’t earn a comfortable house by skipping school and growing up ignorant.  You don’t get to keep a late model car if you steal it.  There is only one way to be comfortable in life and that way is to “Join up.”

So if you have problems in life, think about joining the establishment.  You can’t change the past, but you can cut your hair in a conventional style, pull your pants up, cover up your tattoos (and stop getting them.)  You can take whatever job you can get and build from there; and believe me, there is no job so menial that you cannot IMPROVE YOUR LOT IN LIFE BY DOING IT WELL!

The world doesn’t really owe you anything.  You can’t acquire things by demanding them.  If you get high today, you will hit a low tomorrow.  Get off the merry-go-round and onto a train that’s going somewhere.  There are examples of success all around you.  Follow the leaders, not the losers—JOIN THE ESTABLISHMENT!

–  Staff writer – Copyright 2012

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