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The Sleeping Bride

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by Lisa Splendid Jacklich

WAKE UP BELOVED!! Your Groom is about to come for you!!

“Come Dear One… it’s time to get ready for the Wedding! Everyone is here and they can’t wait to see how beautiful you are! Especially my Father! I’ve been telling Him all about you for many years & though sometimes He has wondered about you being a suitable Bride for His One and Only Son, I have continually pleaded with Him & been your biggest Advocate. I’m so grateful to Him because He always trusts my judgement and is also very eager for me to present you to Him as my perfect Bride.

I know in your heart, you really want to marry me and I know that sometimes you’ve even been discouraged because the wedding has
seemed so far off – but believe me, I have suffered with along with you. I feel your pain and I understand your sorrows – but patience works within us a beautiful trait, it deepens our love for one another and makes that approaching Day of our blessed union that much more exciting! Believe me, no other wedding or celebration that has ever been or ever will be can compare with what I’ve been planning for us!!

So, please WAKE UP! It will be so worth it the moment you see my face and I’ve done in your honor. Everyone is so excited for you to see how beautiful everything is! You just wont believe your eyes! I just know your going to be overjoyed!! Come on my Precious One…please get up and GET READY!!

Guess what else? Remember the Mansion I told you I was going to build for you? Well, after we get married, I’m going to take you to it and if you thought the wedding and reception was over the top… fasten your safety belt!! Sure, I had to pour out my own sweat and blood to create a life for us, but it was worth it because I love you so much!! It is the most beautiful home… with everything your heart has ever dreamed of or desired. I’ve collected treasures like you can’t even imagine. I’ve even paved your streets with gold and diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Precious gems adorn the walls of your palace and gardens more beautiful than Eden are filled with fragrant flowers that actually sing praises to our Father constantly. It’s something else!

So what do you think my dear Bride? I sure don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling you every little detail, but I do want to give you a little taste of just how much I love and adore you! I hope this glimpse will give you all the inspiration you require to jump to your feet and get ready for our Big Day!!

You know, you are the apple of my eye and I would do anything for you! I would travel across the universe for you… I would go to the ends of the earth for you… I would pay any price to have you with me for all of eternity. I would even lay down my life to save yours…in fact, I already have. Please my dear, please… won’t you wake up and get ready for me now?

Forever yours…Jesus

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Rating: +24 (from 24 votes)
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