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Not in the Plan

We didn’t plan to fall in love
Or have an unwed baby;
We thought that we’d both get good jobs
Or go to college, maybe…

But teens like us—
Hangin’ in the mall—
Are ready for life
And want to try it all!

We met each other and fell in love
But never had a “date.”
Instead, we learned some grown-up things
On nights we “hung out” late;

And now our dreams
Have gone on hold;
We prove the truth
That we were told;

But we will make it;
We won’t part,
Though we are teens
With a rocky start.

We are determined to stick it out
And stay with one another,
So we can give our baby
Both a father and a mother.

By Betty L. Killebrew
Copyright May 30, 2005

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