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My Guardian Angel in the Form of a Semi Truck

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– Trisha

I’m not a gifted writer nor am I very old in my Christian years, but I have
recently become a witness to the existence of guardian angels and I really feel the
need to share it.
Back in March 2003, I was driving my younger sister and I home from our weekly dance
class. It was about 10pm and we were taking our usual mundane route home on the JFK
highway, exiting Omaha into Bellevue, Nebraska. Instead of driving along the left
hand lane (or passing lane) as we professedly do, we decided to cruise along the
right lane. My sister had the radio turned down low to a mellow sounding song and
the smoothness of the road caused us both to zone out a bit. As far as I could tell,
there were no other cars in sight which I thought was a little strange, but the
thought didn’t extend more than that. Suddenly, I thought I saw this very large
object go WHOOSH past my window coming from the opposite direction. It appeared to
be the front end of semi truck. The sound startled me a bit and I began to wonder
why another vehicle would be on the wrong side of the road. I glanced over to the
other side of the highway where there was a large grassy median dividing the two
sides. I dismissed the silly notion and thought that I was losing my mind from
sleepiness. About a moment later, I found myself suddenly swerving and dodging many
other cars that had come to a halt or were trying to pull off the road. I remember
driving over a lot of dirt that had been in the outline of very large tire tracks
and seeing smaller cars like mine collided in the median. Our hearts throbbing, we
immediately started thanking God for spearing our lives. If that noise hadn’t jerked
me out my daze, my sister and I could have added to the collision. Also, it was a
miracle that I had decided to drive in the other lane that night, otherwise we would
have crashed head on with that truck and I don’t believe a metro would have survived
it. So praise Jesus and the guardian angel he sent to protect us. I’m a definite

Used with Permission

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Rating: +14 (from 16 votes)
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