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That Warm Feeling

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– Sharon Cook

Going to Dad and Nelda’s is a heart warming experience. The drive is short
but it takes you oput of one world into another. The closer I get to their world a
different kind of peace overcomes me, just to know that I will be greeted by loved
ones with open arms and hearts full brimming over with a joy and gladness I can find
no where else.

In Dad and Nelda’s world I only have to step out onto the porch to hear the day awaken. The birds welcome the morning rejoicing in their song as the squirrels busily scamper about shopping for their breakfast.

As I sit listening to nature bring in the day, I feel a warm feeling come over me like I have never felt before. I think it to be this place- but it seems stronger than that. Maybe it’s the love I hear echoing through the trees – but again no, maybe the cointentment I see in Dad and Nelda’s eyes, but alas I’m mistaken.

Could it be the spirit of new beginnings as the woodpecker pounds away at his potentially
new home, or the freshness of each pedal on the flowers as they open up to reach to
the sun for their morning devotions?

What is this warm feeling that has come over me? Is it the angelic brush of the wind as the humming birds flutter by partaking of the gift of nectar that has so generously been
provided? Or maybe it’s the gentle waves lapping at the shore rocking in calmness
to sooth the busy thoughts and ease the frazzled nerves?

Once more I ask, what is this wonderful warm feeling? I look down and see….

Oh! I see…. It’s the hot coffee running down my leg!

Used with Permission

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