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My Special Some One

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– Rebecca Wood

You have been there since day one,
Helping me see what’s right and wrong.
You guide me with your love so strong,
Careing and shareing is what you have done.
You taught me to love,
You taught me to fight.
Always kissing me goodnoght.
I love you with out any regret.
I know I can turn to you.
You know what to say.
You know how to make me smile,
You don’t really een have to try.
You never let me worry,
Because I know your on my side.
You let me do what I want,
Yet I still have limits.
I know you say things for the best,
Thats why I love you so much.
I thank you with all my heart,
I never want us to grow apart.
Through all these years,
I know we’ll stick together,
Because you’re my mom,
And you care.

Used with Permission

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Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)
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