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I Still Love You poem

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Hi, Hello, How are you?
Do you ever think of me
In the springtime or the summer
Or when frost is on the trees?

No matter how much time may pass,
How much water flows to sea,
I will never be contented
Unless you are near to me.

My thoughts are always with you
At morning, noon and eve;
And my love is growing stronger
Than you probably believe.

I long to be beside you
Every moment of each day,
And I’m offering you forever
And begging you to let me stay.

Though we have been apart a while
And folks think I started new,
I’m still stuck in the same old place
And I’m still loving you;

So say “Hi” or say “Good Morning;”
Say “Hello,” or “How are you?”
But please this time, don’t say, “Goodbye,”
Or that we are still through.

By Betty L. Killebrew
Copyright May 30, 2005

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