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Prayer for my Family

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Lord, my family needs to be close to you. Without you life is without meaning. We need your guidance and salvation.

Bless us and keep us. Help us always remain close to you.

In Christ’s Holy name we pray.               Amen

B. Killebrew

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  • I love this sentence “Without you life is without meaning”. Yes, truly it is that life of us would be meaningless if God is not with us. There are many things that we should learn for and God is so good in our lives for letting us know and letting us feel the feeling that God is not with us. What are the things that we should do in order for us to know God more. First thing is to talk to God and ask for his guidance in doing things in this life. Reading Bible is also a big help and if you can feel the calling to teach the Word of God, you can try to have some degree in a Bible School. There are many things that we can do and it can be easy if we will just for guidance of God.

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