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Prayers for Kids

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Here are five prayers  easy enough for children to memorize.  They are about things most parents would like their children to learn to pray about.

A Child’s  Prayer to Start the Day
Be with me dear Lord I pray
As I start another day;
And also, Father, please help me
To be as good as I can be.


A Child’s Prayer to Say at Meals
Dear Lord,
Every single bite we chew
Is given as a gift from you,
So thank you for our table spread
With vegetables and meat and bread.

A  Child’s Prayer for Family                                                                                                 

Thank you for my family
And that we love and share;
Keep us all together, Lord,
And safe within your care.

A Child’s Prayer of Thanks
Thank you, God, for sun and trees;
Thank you for the summer breeze;
Thank you for all plants that grow;
And thanks for rain and winter snow.
Thank you for all things you give,
And thank you, God, because we live.


A Child’s Prayer for Bedtime
When I go to sleep tonight
Tucked up in my covers tight,
Protect me God the whole night through
And bless and keep my family too.


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1 comment to Prayers for Kids

  • Autumn johnson

    I am a kid and this website really works it teaches me FDOT be afraid to pray in front friends because god will say if they laugh at you they aren’t real friends. Also it teaches me how to pray

    I thank god for up

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