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How Many Chances???

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As I awoke half startled, face still screwed up in a frown.
I lay there quietly, wondering what in the world had just gone down.
I raised myself up slowly, cautious of what I might find.
Could that have been the sound of Gabriels trumpet, the end of all mankind.
It was so dark, there was no light to be found, and the air was so thick I was fighting to draw my breath.
Maybe this was what it was like, was I experiencing death?
Why that couldn’t be, gosh I felt fine when I went to bed.
So what in the worlds going on, and why am I having such a pain in the back of my head.
Well now I’m getting scared, and I’m here all alone.
Lord what’s happened to my wife and family, if I could only find the phone.
Lord I thought when you died that you were drawn to a light.
Why is it so dark, then stark reality hit me, what if I wasn’t living right?
So what can you do when it’s all said and done and there is no more chances?
If you didn’t live for Jesus, then the devil gets his dues, he gets the rest of your dances.
Well just how scary is that, scary enough at least I hope it was, for that’s the way it is.
As long as you’re alive and breathing, Jesus gives us every chance, He wants to make you His!
Then something else started happening, something is shaking me, shaking me hard.
I’m seeing lights all around me, and I sit up and holler, oh thank You Father, Thank You Lord.
My wife is the one doing the shaking, and she stood there asking honey what’s wrong with you?
She said are you okay, you must have been dreaming, is there anything I can do?
I said yes there is, you can pray for me and help me to lead a better life.
And Lord as I say my prayers, may I ask a special blessing for my wife.
She pulled me out of that dream you see that felt so very real.
And now I’ve got this one more chance to show You how I feel.
R.R.Bingham 75\2007

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