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Prayer of Thanksgiving

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Dear Lord,
This world you made
   in your perfect way
Gives us much
   to be thankful for each day.
You also gave a perfect gift
   to assure our souls’ salvation
Which warrants thanking you each day
   in humble adoration.
There are, of course, material things
   you allow us each to choose
To hold in our possession
   and in our lifetime use.
Our friends, our family, all things held dear
  are ours because of you
You are the only “Son” light
  that guides us straight and true.
For all these things you’ve done for us
  Our gratitude is strong,
But sometimes we forget to thank you
  All the whole day long.
Bug right now we’re remembering, 
  So hear our prayers above;
Father, how we thank you 
  For all you gave in love.
In Christ’s Holy Name we pray,
B. Killebrew

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