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An Easier Life

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Life isn’t easy; the more we live, the more we realize this is true. But there’s something that too few people ever realize about the “hard” life they are living. If they could just get this one thing figured out, it would change their whole lives.
The thing that most people don’t realize about the “hard” parts of living is that they get easier if you do them.
The dishes in the sink are easier to wash before the food dries. The floors are easier to clean when you clean up spills before you walk on them. It’s easier to make the bed every day than it is to find the lost possessions you tossed on the crumpled up bed linens while it wasn’t made.   You can probably think of lots of things that are easier to do around the house if you do them when they need doing rather than waiting until the health department stops by; but there are lots of other parts of life that are also easier when we avoid procrastination of the jobs that need doing.
It’s easier to afford the timely oil change than it is to acquire another car. It’s easier to pay your utility bill before they tack on late charges. You can afford to rent more movies if you never lose them, break them or fail to return them. That’s what costs the big bucks!
Are you getting the idea?
Here’s a little more. It’s easier to fix the loose carpet on the stair than to walk up and down it for six weeks on crutches (cheaper too).  It’s easier to find a new job or keep the one you have when you have a reputation for showing up every day on time–a reputation that you of course acquire by showing up every day on time.
It’s really like a magic formula. To make your life easier, do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. Isn’t that simple?
If you’re not already a practitioner of this magic method, I hope you will try it out right away; then come back right here and let me know how much easier everything is.
Betty Killebrew

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Rating: +6 (from 6 votes)
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