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Funeral Prayers

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 This selection of Funeral prayers includes one  to be used at a funeral for a Christian man, one for a Christian woman and one for an innocent child.  If you are moved to use one of these prayers, I pray it will bring some comfort to those who hear it. 
Betty Killebrew 
Funeral Prayer for a departed who made good use of his talents. 

God, we know that you give each of us a talent and a purpose in this world.  If we use our talents for your glory, your purpose will be fulfilled. 
Today we are not here to mourn.  It is our mission today to celebrate the life of this departed one who has now gone to be with you. Although we are saying “Goodbye” for a while, it is only for a while.  
One day, if we are good and faithful servants, we will meet him once more, seated at your right hand in the beautiful new city you have prepared for us.   
It is very easy to know by the comments made by loving friends, family and brothers and sisters in Christ that the departed served you well and made use of his talents according to your will. Lord, we believe this loved one was a good and faithful servant and we are confident that you will find for him a home in heaven where we ask you to keep his soul in everlasting peace, comfort and joy.
In the name of Christ Jesus we pray.         Amen
B. Killebrew 

Funeral Prayer for a woman who served in the name of the Lord. 

Lord, this loved one who has departed from us will leave behind a void. Like Mary, she was worshipful and devoted to Christ.  Like Martha, she served him with hospitality to others.
Now our sister in Christ is at rest. Her hands are folded; she has no more work to do. Please Lord, grant her the blessed reward she has earned through her humble duties on this earth.
Lord, we know that even as we pray here, her spirit has already flown swiftly to your side in that beautiful new city where she will now dwell throughout eternity. We know Lord that she has no more worries and no more pain, and for this we are grateful. 
Now Lord we ask you to grant to her loved ones the ability to long remember and be strengthened in their faith by the example of her life.  We know that they will miss her, but please let them miss her with memories of her love and prevent them from undergoing an excess of sadness.  Keep present in their hearts and minds the fact that she is better off now than she has ever been. Let them live in such a way that they will be able to see her once more when they, too, have completed the journey and the duties for which you placed them here on earth.
In the name of Christ Jesus we pray.           Amen 
Funeral Prayer for an Innocent Child 
Lord we know that you understand that the loss of a child is one of the greatest sorrows we ever face.  Today this sorrow is a grave reality for the parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends of this dearly loved child.
Our solace on this day, Lord, is the knowledge that you have taken this young soul, pure and free of sin, to be with you in your heavenly home where she will live for all eternity and where someday we will be with her once more.
But Lord, here and now, this grief and sense of loss is very hard to bear.  Lord, please help us to accept your will and to realize that, while we don’t know what your plan may be, we do know that nothing ever happens without your knowledge and consent. 
Help us to remember that you understand the depth of our grief and will be here to strengthen us.
Lord, help us to turn to you in our hour of need and allow your solace to come into our hearts.
Lord we ask your blessings and comfort in the name of Christ Jesus.      Amen

B. Killebrew

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