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Struggling with Sin

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There are two poems here about my personal struggles with sin.  I believe that there is no way to completely eliminate sin from the life of a human being, but it is incumbent upon us to do our best and then rely on the grace of God for the rest.  B. Killebrew, author. 

Lord Make me a Better Woman 
I ask you Jesus, please help me
 Be the best woman I can be.
I cannot shake my ingrained pride
My patience is too often tried.
Sometimes I’m angry and unkind
To the needs of others, often blind.
I know I should be following you,
Be Christian in all things I do.
Yet I struggle with my will
And day by day keep sinning still.
So Lord, please help me every day
To fight against sin’s deadly sway.
I need your Holy Spirit near,
Always whispering in my ear,
To guide me forth from sin and shame
And make me worthy of your name.
 In Christ’s name I pray.         Amen
B. Killebrew 

My Sinful Nature
How Sinful can I be?
Not one thought can be sin free!
I say a prayer for sins I’ve done,
And immediately commit another one.
God’s grace alone will take me home
I’d never make in on my own. 
B. Killebrew

VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
Rating: +6 (from 8 votes)
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