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Find your Friends in Church

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Where do you find good people—how do you pick them out?

Would you trust a stranger on the street and never feel any doubt?

If you’re looking for a friend or a spouse,

You can look everywhere from house to house

And still be unsure about those within—

Whether they’re righteous or steeped in sin;

But if were to join the church down the street,

You could probably depend on the people you meet;

So pick out your friend at church—not the bar—

The odds there are better, much better by far;

And when you have a need and must hold out your hand,

Who do you think will understand?

Your friends at the church will be there for you;

They’ll give you a hand and pray for you too;

They’ll stand at the ready to provide what you need

For friends made in church are good friends indeed.

B. Killebrew

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