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When Prayer is too Hard

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I am by nature a “word” person.  I’ve been chattering away my entire life and covering reams of paper with words ever since I learned to touch type; so it surprised me when the despair of a long, extremely difficult period in my life left me wordless. I was desperate for solace from the Lord but unable to formulate a prayer.

My deep concern, fear and dismay were all for someone I care about deeply, the same person for whom I had worded prayers hundreds of times before; but now things were even worse than all those other hundreds of times and I COULDN’T pray.

Then out of my despair, a picture formed clearly in my mind.  It was an image of two strong, yet gentle hands.  Immediately, I realized a prayer had been given to me and I visualized those two strong hands holding my loved one safe and secure.

That wordless prayer carried me through the difficult time and the hands of God lifted up my loved one as well.

Praise be to God.


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