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The Trap of the Abused Woman

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There is a combination I know all about

That keeps abused women from moving out.

You love this man; that’s why you’re together,

And you promised to love him in fair and bad weather!

And then he keeps you in confusion wrapped,

Saying each time he’s “so sorry” he snapped;

So you think it’s your duty to keep trying more

Even though each day is worse than before;

Which of course is reason to stay number two—

You’re frightened to death of what he could do;

So the powerful combo of love and of fear

Freezes your will, year after year.

Find someone to help you, for you must escape

Or the story will continue like a rewinding tape.

If you have the will, you will find a way

And no dear, it never will change if you stay.

Elizabeth Ruth

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Rating: +9 (from 13 votes)
The Trap of the Abused Woman, 69% based on 13 ratings

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