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An Angel Is What I’d Be

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If I had a choice
An angel’s what I’d be,
And everything that happened
I’d be there to see,

You’d be right there with me
To wrap my wings around,
Only you would know I’m there
For I would’nt make a sound,

I would see ahead of you
To help direct your path,
I’d always be there with you
You’d never have to ask,

I’d be there protecting you
And keeping you from harm,
For nothing is too hard for me
With my loving arms,

When you have somewhere to go
I’ll be with you in flight,
I’ll also be there protecting
In the middle of the night,

So if I had a choice
An angel’s what I’d be,
I’d be right there beside you
Helping you so see,

By Melinda Tanner
Used with Permission

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Rating: +10 (from 10 votes)
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