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Christian Generosity

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My aunt and uncle were the two most generous people I have ever known.  They not only gave to their church far beyond their tithe amount, they gave to many charitable organizations on a regular basis—so many in fact that the IRS refused to believe that at their income level they could possibly be giving away that much and audited them several years in a row.

Beyond those contributions, they were always helping out in other ways. My aunt was there with her checkbook whenever there was a death in the family.  She might give $100 just to help out or buy the burial plot if the survivors couldn’t afford it.

The two were just as generous with their time as they were with money.  Almost every day after they retired, they visited at local nursing homes with countless individuals—family members, friends, fellow church members, even lonely strangers.

They were both teachers and in younger years, they spent several days of each summer vacation re-decorating someone else’s house, buying the paint and wallpaper themselves.  I believe it was my aunt who was the engine behind all this, but my uncle always did his part with his usual dour expression and calm demeanor.

My aunt and uncle went to be with the Lord a number of years ago but they are not forgotten. With adequate but not huge incomes they made an impact upon the world that is impossible to measure.  I wonder what the world would be like if there were more people like them.

Edwina Williams

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