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They Don’t Need Wings

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I see them all around me there,
With bright blue eyes and golden hair.
Some have different features too,
Some look the same as me and you.

There was this one with hair so dark,
And another one with a caring heart.
But yet another, at such a young age,
He looked the type to be in a cage.

They are all around this world so big,
You just have to look, no need to dig.
You see them on the corner of every city,
If you don’t, it is such a pity.

So, let me tell you now, it’s true,
About the angels God sends to you!
They may not have wings or shine so bright,
But they forever shine, with God’s loving light.

By Beverly Ballou
Used with Permission

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Rating: +6 (from 8 votes)
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