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Can you just imagine
How Jesus felt that day
When they hung him on the cross
And took his life away
Can you imagine the Roman soldiers
As they mocked and pierced his side
And as the blood flowed from Him
Jesus bowed his head and died

Can you imagine how His mother felt
As she knelled at the feet of her Son
As the angry mob was crying
Crucify him, it is done

Can you imagine the two Mary’s
When they went to the tomb that day
And found that the grave was empty
And the stone was rolled away
He’s not here, He has risen
It was all in God’s great plans
And the only proof that He ever died
Was the nail prints in His hands

Now, can you imagine what we’d have done
If that had been me or you
Could we have said “Father forgive them
For they know not what they do”

Written By: Jewell Gentry
Used with Permission
All Rights reserved

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