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The Way of a Disciple

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I wish to be your tears
The tears that comforted me after my dark year of wandering
The tears that prayed with fervent passion in solitude
The tears that came upon me with a radiant smile and soft voice
Tears like the morning dew made after a long eternity’s wait
Tears which I can embrace with my small heart
I yearn to share the love You showed
When You saved me in the lion’s lair
Protected me from the valley of death
Led me in the desolate wilderness
Shined upon me in the dark world
I wish to share the love You shared with me in times of despair
I want to walk in your path
Though it may be rough, Though it may be painful
Though I may encounter storms of hardship, the sorrow of parting
I believe in Your peace
I have faith in Your blessing
I wish to walk in the path You walked, bearing the cross in solitude


Used with Permission

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Rating: +4 (from 4 votes)
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