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A Baby Brings Love

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Years ago I knew a young girl who was naïve in the extreme and had reached her late teens without ever having a boyfriend.  When a lot of young men came to town to work on a construction project, she was soon hanging around watching them work.  When they left, she was “with child.” Her parents almost disowned her.

Later on, after the birth of her baby boy, I noticed that the child brought an inordinate amount of joy into what had previously been a rather dull, sad household.  It was about that situation that I first heard the kind old phrase, “A baby brings his own love with him.”

I was thinking about this girl and the circumstances of her son’s birth when I wrote the following poem.


A Baby Brings it’s own Love with it

“How could our daughter do it;

How could she be so bad

As to have an unwed pregnancy

With a scoundrel as the dad?

“We’re never going to love ‘it;’

In it, we will see him.

We are very hurt and angry;

That’s what makes our faces grim.

“ We never will forgive her;

Her worth has been diminished;

And what now of her future?

Her life is surely finished.”

And then the little person

Long the cause of pain and woe

Was born one bright clear morning…

And hey, what do you know!

“This little guy’s our grandson

He’s crying, what a sound!

Do you want to see his picture?

He’s the cutest kid around.

“Yes, our daughter is his mother;

We’ll help her all we can.

After all, she’ll need her parents

To help raise this young man?”

Truly the Lord works in mysterious ways.

B. Killebrew

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