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One More Day to Live

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If I had only one more day to live,
All love, praise, and glory to you I’d give.
I’d try my best to put a smile on someone’s face
To share with them your saving grace.

I’d remember things about my life
The times you were there through fun and strife,
And thank you then for all you’ve done.
Without you no victories would have been won.

If I have one more day before I die
I would apologize to the kid I made cry.
I would take back the harsh words said to everyone,
And fill their hearts with laughter and fun.

If I only had one more day
I wouldn’t push anyone away.
I wouldn’t try to hurt a friend
Because I should love them to the very end.

Why not live each day as if it were our last
Looking towards our future and forgetting the past
To be a Christian each day we live
And most importantly to always give.

– Carol Ann
Used with Permission

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Rating: +27 (from 37 votes)
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