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Teach your Children about Easter

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We must teach our children the meaning of Easter,

Of the day of triumph oe’r death,

The day that our Savior, three days passed away,

Arose and again drew breath.

The eggs and the chicks and the bunnies are fun,

And through them new life’s symbolized;

But it’s only by learning of Christ’s great love

That a child’s faith is actualized.

So at Easter this year, somewhere in the baskets,

Tuck in with the gifts in the grass

A personal promise that before the day’s out

You will give them the message that lasts.

Tell your children our Savior’s love was so great

He was willing to die on the cross,

And because this sacrifice was made,

Our own lives need never be lost.

Teach your children to praise and adore Him

And recall the great thing that was done,

For it is through Jesus, and only through Him,

That a child’s precious soul can be won.

 B. Killebrew

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